The goal of our leadership development program is to develop, connect, and engage the next generation of Afar leaders.

Our people’s greatest need is ethical and entrepreneurial leadership. Too often, we ignore addressing the symptoms of poor leadership in our community: we play into identity politics that divide our small community, we follow people instead of values, we let others speak for us. We are experiencing ethnic cleansing, land theft, and forced military conscription. These issues are expressed through political, social, and economic marginalization, and weak leadership. But these issues will never stop unless we develop leaders who are ethical, entrepreneurs who create jobs, and innovators that develop lasting solutions to the root causes of our problems. Our organization aims to develop the future Alimirah Hanfare, the next Aicha Dabaleh, and the Afar Bill Gates.

The purpose of our leadership development program is  to transform the Afar community by developing a powerful network of young leaders across the diaspora and within the Afar territories who will work together to address our people’s greatest challenges, achieve social impact, and accelerate the transformation of our community and territories.

Last summer in Brussels, Belgium we held our very first AYA Leadership Conference. This conference was important because it was the first gathering of diaspora youth under Afar Youth Association. Our organization has worked for the last five years to bring the diaspora Afar youth under one umbrella organization. We have worked to connect diaspora youth to each other and to issues facing our people and our territories. We have done this through Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and at Afar gatherings across the diaspora.

With our leadership development program we want to build a movement. A movement for ideas, a movement for action, and a movement for uniting our people under a single vision.

This organization is of the youth, by the youth, and for the youth. If you are a Afar youth who has a passion for addressing the plight of our people this, is place for you to bring your ideas and concerns. If you are a Afar youth who is curious, this is the place for you to come and learn. If you are a Afar youth who wants to lead or better your leadership skills this is the place for you.